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  • 5 Expert Tips on House Flipping Successes & Maximizing Profits!

    June 18, 2017 | Blog Real Estate
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    House flipping has become the real estate norm for many decades. However, many would-be real estate moguls end up failing in this niche. The reason is that they often overlook the house flipping basics that guarantee results. The best way to sell flipped houses may vary depending on various situations.

    In this article snippet, we are going to cover some proven tips and strategies that get flipping houses sold fast and without a hassle. These tips are vast and diverse, and you are free to choose whatever method fits your system and implement it to the letter. Sell your flip faster with these expert tips:

    Show Off Your Rehab

    Of course, you have put in the necessary work to accomplish a masterpiece. Consequently, make a list of everything you did and let inspectors, buyers, agents, and appraisers see it. Let them know of every system that you added or replaced on the investment, including the appliances, HVAC, electrical, and structural problems that you fixed.

    Also, let them know if you replaced all the windows and the roof in the flipped house. They are supposed to see it because it will create a peace of mind for the final buyer. Every prospective buyer who walks into your property MUST know about the effort you have put in to make it better.

    Do Not Overprice Your Flipped Home

    It is important to stay clear regarding what you want. Ensure that your price is aggressive in the marketplace so that you can get your home sold with absolute ease. If you overvalue your flipped house, some buyers will not even take a look at it because it is clearly beyond their price range.

    Apparently, many prospective buyers only focus on properties whose sellers are realistic about pricing. Overpricing a house might make it sit on the market longer than usual. Your intention is to sell your flipped houses fast and make a decent profit. Hence, make your value attractive so that even the low-ballers can crawl in and make a bid.

    Utilize Social Media Channels With Your Realtor

    In this era, social media is not only a place for keeping in touch with distant friends, relatives and family but a powerful marketing platform for companies. Social media platforms make it easy for businesses to connect with both current and potential customers. Social platforms comprise special tools to keep in touch with specific target markets.

    Use social media reach to narrow down the demographics and match your property with your target audience. People spend lots of time on social media. You could take advantage of this and put your flipped property right in front of the people seeking for a home.

    Post your flipped houses on local real estate pages and wait for the right buyer to see your ad. Better still, you may create your house flipping page that targets precisely the demographics of your choosing. That way, your ad will find the right buyers just at the right time.

    Give Buyers a Memorable Experience

    Give your buyers the absolute best experience right from start to finish. Do everything in your power to ensure that buyers feel like they are stepping into their new home. Create a perfect experience from outside of your flipped home until you close the deal inside of it.

    Staging a flip is a great start. An excellent presentation creates the feeling of a home with all essential items in place. For instance, make sure there is running hot water in the kitchen sinks and bathtubs. Have some iced tea or lemonade set out and ready to enjoy. Keep the entire house (including the yard) clean before listing it for sale.

    Overall, you want to create a unique experience such that even the atmosphere itself makes buyers feel that indeed they are home. Aim for absolute perfection, and create a one-of-a-kind experience for each prospective purchaser.

    Make your Flipped Houses the Best on the Marketplace

    It is worth noting that the real estate game is a competitive one. Buyers are always on the lookout for the best value for their hard-earned money. On the other hand, investors are always attempting to surpass one another. The entire game is tough and may not favor the faint-hearted. You must have more “wow” factors if you are planning to sell your flip fast and outdo your contenders.

    Pay closer attention to your competitors, such as their pricing and advanced features that they have to offer to their clients. That will give you a rough idea of what you have to plan and aim to achieve. Researching your contenders also helps you figure out whatever your flip is lacking.

    The Bottom Line

    It goes without a doubt that flipping houses offer great risks and great rewards alike. As a house flipper, you have to get prepared for the possibility that the flipped house will not sell right away. House flippers make tough decisions in the course of their job. For instance, house flippers may be pushed to accept an offer that is less than what they wanted, but still for a profit.

    House flipping may be right for you if you can handle the entire house flipping ups and downs, and you are enthusiastic about fixing up and selling homes. These tips will help you get started, but you need to have an inner passion and desire for this niche.