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  • 7 Simple Home Security Tips To Make Your Home Safe

    October 21, 2016 | Blog
  • home security tips

    Your home should be a haven and sanctuary for you and your family, where you should feel at ease all the time. You shouldn’t allow its security to be compromised at any moment. The following are important home security tips to help secure your home from intruders.

    1. Do not provide places for intruders to hide

    Ensure you trim bushes and trees around the home where unwanted people may conceal themselves before entering the home. Trim back any shrubs which are high enough to block your window.

    Lighting your property is also going to be effective. Thieves operate under cover of darkness. Therefore, look for those places around the home which are dark and might allow a burglar access to the home. Install security lights in different locations to light up entrances. The best alternative here is motion detection spotlights that are not only going to help conserve energy, but also let you not to annoy the neighbors who might abhor bright lights.

    2. Keep the Yard Clean

    Several times, burglars gain access to the home through the window they’ve broken. Don’t help them by providing them tools to do that. You should not leave the ladder lying idly outside in the yard. A thief might just use it to gain access to a higher window. Use similar precautions for other tools, like gardening equipment that you should lock away when you are not using them.

    3. Install home alarm system

    The alarm might not deter thieves from accessing inside the home. However, it’s going to prevent some, and quickly bring law enforcement officers to your home. This limits what a burger can walk out with. Home security systems are only going to operate when you always don’t forget to activate the alarm. Therefore, always activate it all the time, whether you are away from home or not. Thieves will try to break into one part of the home while you’re busy in another.

    4. Protect the windows

    When buying new windows, it’s going to be worth the upgrade purchasing shatterproof glass. This may prevent any person from breaking your window to gain access to the home. When new windows are not in your budget, adding security film to the windows may also be effective. They prevent the glass from shattering when someone is trying to break the glass. The intruder is going to be prevented from proceeding with their efforts to break in. These home security tips consider securing windows as very crucial to keep the home safe.

    5. Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors

    These kinds of doors have flimsy locks. Therefore, they enable a thief to quickly and easily pop them, from where they gain easy access to your home. To be on the safe side, install a security bar for your sliding door to make it more difficult for someone to gain access to the home.

    6. Always lock windows and doors

    This is one of the important basic home security tips that you should remember at all times. Keep the windows and doors securely locked when you aren’t at home, or when you’re retiring to bed at night, or when they’re not in use. When you like sleeping with open windows ( for fresh air to come in), installing window locks which only let the window open a few inches is going to suffice.

    The garage door should also be locked at all time, even during the day when you're at home. Thieves are going to be invited by open garage door to come inside to check around. It provides them easy and quick access to your home. Even if they don’t have a chance to take anything, they can still come in, look around and set a date for a later visit to your house.

    7. Change your locks as necessary

    When you have bought a new home, among the first and most important things to do is buying new locks. Someone outside might be having the old replica keys, and he or she might not be a good character. When you also recently have a break-in, consult the blacksmith to have a change of locks or when you lose your keys.

    Keeping your property safe and secure should take precedence over other things. The above simple home security tips may help protect you, your family, and your property from unwanted people that may compromise your security. What you do need is a piece of mind all the time, don’t you?