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  • 8 Fascinating Predictions For Both Renters And Home Buyers in 2017

    March 25, 2017 | Blog
  • predictions for renters and home buyers

    Over the last few years, many people have been buying and selling houses. Every one of us will at one point of his or her life need to own a home that is suitable. The home should also meet all the necessary standards. This year in case you are planning to buy a home there are a number of predictions on what to expect for both buyers and renters. Here are the expectations of many people.

    1. Affordable rents

    Unlike the previous years where rents were too high for many of the lower class people, this year’s prediction for renters and buyers, rents rates will be reduced because of the many houses which are coming up. In the last years, there were very few rentals which led to the increase in rentals, which in-turn made the prices higher. Also, building materials in this are cheaper than the previous years this is another factor that contributes to the lower prices of houses.

    2. More people will be able to buy homes

    The cheaper the houses’ rents, the higher the number of buyers. Summing up all the factors that contribute to lower prices of houses like, cheaper materials and many houses available will lead us to have more people buying houses. Over the years mortgage rates were very high hence few people were in a position to meet the rates required. Another factor that contributes to more people getting houses is the ever growing population. Roughly about 60% of youths get married, and this forces them to look for their private apartments.

    3. Rural-urban migration will be highly witnessed

    After the houses have become cheaper, almost three-quarters of the population will be able to pay the rents. This is another factor that will encourage people to move from rural to urban. People will not just stay at the rural where cultural amenities might be a problem when they can live in the urban areas more comfortably. This prediction depends on the fact that the rents will be reduced.

    4. Improved sewerage systems

    Unlike the past where sewerage was very poor in the urban centers, it is expected that in 2017 sewerage will be highly improved because of the high competition for various tenants. The sewerage was poor because there were fewer houses compared to the number of people. This was like monopoly people had no option but to stick to their current apartment whether the sewerage is good or bad. This year expect people to move freely to other apartments in case of a blockage which is not addressed immediately. When this happens, every tenant will try to meet the standards of the sewerage as first as possible.

    5. Construction of new houses will be expensive

    After many people have constructed houses, those who will be late will incur more expenses. This is because there will be limited working space and more people have migrated. This migration might course a reduce man power needed during your construction. You might end up hiring a space to put your working tools like the sand, the bricks, and the wheel barrows. Don’t forget that building in the urban is more expensive than at the rural. This means those who will be late everything will be higher.

    6. Small compound is expected

    Many people will move to the urban areas, so more houses will be needed. This means that every available space will be utilized well. For those who have been staying in a bigger compound, it is expected that the compounds of this year will be minimized to cater for more rooms.

    7. Digital process

    At this 21st century, there is much improvement of technology. Sellers and buyers of apartment deals will be expected to use digitalized systems as much as possible. Signings and any document that need to be endorsed should be digitalized. Electronic payment among others will secure both parties in cases of fraud.

    8. Issuing smart cards

    Tenants are expected to issue their customers with smart cards that are electronically functioning. This will be used to open and close the gate where necessary. This system will curb the insecurity problems hence renters will live peacefully.

    If these fabulous predictions about apartment deals will come to pass our homes will be the best. Insecurity and fraud among many others menace will be completely forgotten. A clean environment also is coming.