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  • 8 Tips For Spring Home Buyers

    May 6, 2017 | Blog
  • Spring Home Buyers

    After enduring the cold weather of winter season, it is now spring, when we take a short break before we change gear again to warm weather. Since this is a rest period between two weather extremes, there is usually witnessed a large number of spring home buyers. They will spend years of their lifetime in these houses, so they make every effort to avoid blunders. Here are some guidelines that will surely help.

    Tip 1: Search extensively for a good design

    A spring home buyer will want a design that they will be proud of today, tomorrow and days to come. They should physically tour the area in search of the desired design. There is an option of looking over the internet for the best designs, or they can contact local real estate agents. But they should be careful not to fall into the hands of conmen. They should enquire about the cost of the houses. Many spring home buyers prefer cheaper one properties.

    Tip 2: Do not neglect miscellaneous costs

    Buying a house entails more than just the amount you pay to the house owner. There are many hidden charges that if not carefully planned for, one may end up regretting the whole idea. A spring home buyer would need to set aside mortgage processing fee, legal fee, evaluation fee, stamp duty, survey fee, transportation cost, money for repairs in case your new home has damages and money for furniture if you were previously living in a fully furnished rental room. It is important that they factor in each of these expenses.

    Tip 3: Catch the spring mortgage offers

    Once a spring home buyer has calculated the cost of the house and other miscellaneous items, they can now approximate the total amount they need and apply for a mortgage. This application should be done early enough so that by spring, it is complete and approved. The good news, however, is that there are many mortgage offers available for spring home buyers.

    Tip 4: Demand for a home buyer contract

    It is very important that every spring home buyer obtains this document. Each house owner has their ways of doing things, and it will be a bad idea to assume that they are obvious. This contract will especially be an important tool to avoid future conflicts. Spring home buyers should familiarize themselves with the terms and ensure that they are comfortable with all of them. Many have neglected the importance of this contract to their disadvantage. The last thing a spring home buyer would wish for is to buy a house and a few years later start engaging in legal battles with the seller.

    Tip 5: Avoid buying on impulse

    Spring home buyers should not rush into purchasing a home. First-timers are often the victims. Many of them have bought houses after considering a few aspects, forgetting tens of others. Sarah Daniels, a real estate consultant, has this advice to offer: Before a spring home buyer pays for a house, they should think regarding how much they will sell them after five years if they decided to. It would be difficult for them to err should they ask themselves this question.

    Tip 6: End of spring means a new academic year

    Another important tip for spring home buyers is to ensure their new homes are situated near a school. At the end of spring, their children will be starting a new academic year, and if they do not want their children to be schooling several miles from home, they will have to stick to this tip.

    Tip 7: Day tranquility may cease to exist at night

    The fact that a place looks quiet and peaceful during the day is not a guarantee of a similar scene in the evening or at night. Before settling on a house, spring home buyers should visit the neighborhood during the day, in the evening and at night. If all is well, all shall be well. A noisy place will not make a good residence.

    Tip 8: Seek the truth from residents

    It is only a resident of the location that can give one a true picture of the place, facilities, and state of the houses. Spring home buyers should not hesitate to find out more. An agent or house owner will hide some information from spring home buyers so that they do not change their mind. Not so with the residents. From that, you can gauge whether the place is suitable or not.