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  • 9 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

    December 4, 2017 | Blog Housing
  • upgrade your kitchen

    A kitchen is one of the valued places in a house. Other than it being the place where delicacies and all sorts of meals are prepared, it is also the place where people encroach to when they want to have a busy private time or a little chitchat away from every ear in the house. It, therefore, goes without saying that a kitchen is a very important and valuable place in the house.

    The look of a kitchen can be an energizer or a discouragement. Working in a worn out kitchen is not only boring but very discouraging. A leaking sink, a broken countertop, non-functional appliances, and very worn out flour, utensils, and crockery, are nothing you feel motivated to work with. Unfortunately, in most houses, this state of a kitchen can remain the same for a while, because of the cost implications likely to come, in bringing the kitchen back to liveliness and newness.

    However, this should not be the case because there are so many things you can do to upgrade your kitchen without having a crazy budget or deploying a lot of workforces. Here are a few tips that can help to upgrade your kitchen into a great new look.

    1. Replace Cabinet Knobs And Pulls

    Buy a new set of knobs and handles and replace the old ones. This task is easier than you expect, and with only a screwdriver and a few tools, the work is done.

    2. Repaint Your Cabinet

    Replacing your cabinets can be a little bit expensive especially if you are working with a restrained budget. However, getting a can of paint and repainting your cabinets can help upgrade your kitchen, making the cabinets look as good as new.

    3. Repair or Replace Leaking Taps and Pipes

    Due to wear and tear, kitchen taps and drainage pipes can become leaky, always wetting the countertops and flour. This problem can be simply fixed by tightening them up or better still fixing new ones. Spraying some bronze paint on the old faucet gives it a new shiny look.

    4. Upgrade The Backsplash

    There are so many ways to make your backsplash more attractive and interesting. Having a whole new replacement for the tiles can sometimes be unaffordable. At such times, the peel and stick tiles come in handy. They are easy to fix and comes in different colors giving you the freedom of choosing what fits your kitchen best. The removable plastic tiles are also another way to make your backsplash more appealing. Both options are cheap and very doable.

    5. Place A Rug On Your Kitchen Floor

    Though rags and mats are commonly placed in other rooms and places in the house, a rug in the kitchen is also necessary. This may not look like it does upgrade your kitchen much, but it does. It is not only good for covering the worn out floor but also gives you a comfortable and warm working area.

    6. Upgrade your Kitchen’s Cookware and Appliances

    Sometimes old can be boring. To up your kitchen, a set of quality, new pots, and utensils are more than enough. They give your kitchen a sense of style and makes cooking and serving more fun.

    Getting a few new appliances depending on the budget can also be a real game changer. For the old, but still functioning appliances, they can be wrapped with sheets of stainless contact papers to give then a less monotonous look.

    7. Reorganization

    There is nothing as boring as a disorganized kitchen, where nothing is ever traceable. Such boredom can be brought to an end by organizing and reorganizing your kitchen. Fix some pot racks on the ceiling to save on cabinet space. Also get some storage containers and have then labeled for easier identification especially for things like tea, flour, sugar, cereals, etc. for a smaller kitchen, a less busy wall or door can be lined with hooks and be used for hanging crockery.

    8. Change Your Countertop

    Your kitchen counter is probably one place you can’t help but interact with so often, thus having your counter in perfect look is very key.

    You can do this by acquiring a wooden top for your counter, which hardly gets worn out. Alternatively, a thin layer of concrete can be added to the existing counter to give it a new look.

    9. Adding Some Pendant Lights

    With all these adjustments and changes done in your kitchen, some pendant lightings will be of great help in illuminating your kitchen beauty. The lighting gives a place a new aura, and this will work perfectly for the upgraded kitchen.

    Upgrade your kitchen using these inexpensive tips, and you will love it.