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  • All-In-One Mortgage Payments And What You Should Know

    July 21, 2015 | Blog Mortgages
  • all-in-one mortgage

    For various reasons, many homeowners find they need to take out a home equity line of credit or refinance their current mortgage. This usually means more fees, more documents to sign and general hassle for the homeowner. If you are looking for a new home loan, an all-in-one mortgage just might be the way to go. These loans incorporate a home equity line of credit and very flexible options during the life of the loan to help homeowners avoid the hassle of refinancing. What does an all-in-one mortgage include and what benefits do homeowners get from applying for one?

    An all-in-one mortgage is a recent innovation by the lending industry. An all-in-one mortgage is an innovative approach to making life simpler for homeowners and lenders alike. After its inception and enthusiastic reception, many lenders are creating their version of this beneficial mortgage.

    An all-in-one mortgage is exactly what it sounds like. It allows buyers to:

    1. Add in a home equity personal credit line into a first home finance loan. 
    2. Lets buyers adjust the interest rate of their mortgage through the life of the loan minus the hassle of refinancing by using a third party.
    3. Also, choose between interest-only and fully amortized payment options.

    Once buyers have paid 10% of the loan, they can tap into their home equity. Whether they choose to receive a check, cash advance or credit card, the only thing they need to do is contact their loan company and the mortgage company. From there they will set up the account to make the funds available to the homeowner.

    With this type of mortgage, homeowners no longer need to go through the complicated and time-consuming hassle of refinancing. During the life of the loan, buyers can change from interest-only to fully amortized payments and back at no cost. Buyers can also switch between fixed interest rates and variable at no cost, depending on their payment needs at the time. With Washington Mutual, the first switch is free after they are at a one-time fee of $250.00 and can be achieved twice per year. This avoids the annoying and sometimes painful procedure for changing lenders and keeps your accounts with people knowledgeable about you.

    All-in-one mortgages can be set up to accommodate almost any buyer's particular needs and are widely available. While not every buyer will benefit from an all-in-one mortgage, and not every buyer is eligible for these loans, the vast majority of home buyers should see this pioneering loan type as a boon. Giving buyers more control and flexibility over their loan, while making it easier to avoid a lot of the hassle commonly associated with home loans.

    Buyers who are not eligible for an all-in-one mortgage are those in the sub-prime market, buyers with credit problems and those with a low income can offer help with these qualifiers with different lenders. Bad credit and no credit can be issues that are hard to overcome as most lenders are unable to adjust requirements to meet these problems.

    You are also required to evaluate the purchasing mortgage payment protection insurance in Philadelphia when your cover would start on and for how long it takes to payout. Some policies may be stated in the terms and conditions that you are required to wait for more as 90 days.

    Mortgage payment protection insurance in Philadelphia is a more workable choice than risking falling back on savings or affecting for assistance from the State. You ought to be entitled to claim State assistance and even then you possibly will only obtain support with the interest of the credit up to a positive amount.