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  • Benefits of Having Various of Automation System for Your Home

    March 9, 2016 | Blog Housing
  • home automation

    Have you heard of home automation before? What is it exactly? Home automation simply gives you access to manage devices in your home via mobile devices at any spot around the world. Some professionals may use the term for more programmable devices around the home. To add an advantage to this, it can also be viewed from a home security standpoint as it also includes your security system, and all of the locks, windows, doors, surveillance cameras and any other sensors you have installed and are linked.

    In today’s busy and fast-paced world, homeowners do enjoy the benefits of home automation. As mentioned earlier, by installing home automation, iPads, Android devices, voice controls and touchscreens give you the access to control your home from afar. This is clearly the main benefit of home automation which falls under the group of convenience. Other benefits include security, energy and time savings, increase your piece of mind, and last but not the least, it does contribute to the economy. Let’s take a look at ten home automation processes for individuals who have hectic daily schedule:

    • Keyless Entry/Smart Lock
    • Home Security System
    • Home Climate Control
    • Automated Window Shades
    • Smart Home-Theater System
    • Whole-Home System
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Lighting control system
    • Outdoor maintenance system (sprinkler)
    • Kits and accessories (routers, outlets, sensors, etc)
    • So, what are the basic steps to automate your home?

    First thing first, you'll need is a controller. Today's home automation systems can typically be managed directly from a smartphone or tablet; nonetheless, some still require the connection of a central control panel.

    You'll need access to a network to send messages from a controller to the installed home's devices. Most home automation systems use a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection. It does depends on how you are planning to use your system. For instance, if you want to interact with your devices while at work, just using a Bluetooth connection will not be enough. So do your research well.

    The last step, your devices need a way to receive the instructions. This will not be an issue for today's home systems, especially since entertainment systems often have Wi-Fi built in. However, be aware of other systems like lights whereby you'll need either smart outlets or smart light bulbs to incorporate them into your home's automation system. It might seem like a lot of effort, but actually, it is not. The bottom line is, having a home automation system installed in your house will be very convenient and increases efficiency.

    Let’s do a quick overview. With the existing of the above home automation process, a remote-controlled home is no longer the stuff of futuristic fictional. It lets you transform any house virtually through a push-button which is easily managed either with a tablet, smartphone or computer. These home automation processes are perfect for those who have a hectic lifestyle. Now you can start energy and even money saving with a smart bulb or an automated lighting control system.

    Did you know that one of the most valuable automation systems is the smart thermostat? It can help homeowners save up to 30% on the annual home energy use alone. Furthermore, a smart thermostat is easy to be installed and permits you to fix your desired temperature without the system operating longer than needed. Remember, your home is your castle, you must always keep it safe. If you are a busy individual who travels a lot, another great money-saving smart home device is the outdoor maintenance system. It gives the user an ultimate control over their sprinklers or turn the water heater off or on while being away. A perfect additional to these devices is that all of it are very easy to be installed.