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  • Best Home Improvement Projects To Do This Fall To Improve Resale Value

    October 28, 2016 | Blog
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    Improving your home is one of the most gratifying feeling homeowners will do for themselves since it is enjoyable to live in a place where everything looks good, neat and suits personal preference. It can be therapeutic and stress relieving to come home to a relaxing place that even the slightest details a person will see in every corner of the house are based on their choice.

    Deciding to make home improvements are not only for the homeowners’ satisfaction but is also to increase their home value when they resell their houses. Sure, it’s quite practical to live in a single home for an extended period or maybe forever, but it’s very likely that moving into a new place and a new home will be a necessity when the time comes.

    The most convenient and wise time to make home improvements is the fall season, and that is because fall has the most moderate temperature amongst other seasons. Enjoying the climate can add motivation and focus on working, and that also applies to making home improvements. And if making home improvements is not an option for the homeowner, the next choice is to hire contractors. Contractors have fewer projects during fall, and the possibility to find help quickly will be easy.

    In making Home Improvements, a homeowner must keep in mind that there are projects that can help them get the highest Return on Investment. It is best to consider doing those projects with the highest Return on Investment but that doesn’t mean a homeowner will refrain from doing other projects. A homeowner must at least know the possibility of a project’s return on investment so they won’t be caught off guard.

    Here are the home improvement projects that have the highest Return on Investment.

    1. A New Entry Door

    Having a new front door can add to the value of the house since it is the very first thing a buyer will see or at least notice. Either replace it with an entirely new door or just have it painted nicely, can get you an average of 97% Return on Investment

    2. Kitchen Renovations

    Today, the kitchen is considered as the most important part of a home. Minor Kitchen Remodeling, not the dreamy and drastic kitchen remodels, have an average of 82%. So refining cabinets’ paint or knobs, updating fixtures for maintaining stability and replacing old appliances will be enough to get a home’s value higher.

    3. Replacement for Windows

    If a home’s windows are already creaking or outdated regarding style, this might be the right time to upgrade. It benefits not only the next buyer but also the homeowner’s satisfaction even for a short period before finally moving out. It is also one of the main concerns of a buyer since it will help in energy efficiency; also it has a 70-80% of Return on Investment.

    4. Adding a Deck or Improving the current deck

    A deck is a place where anyone can enjoy the outdoor scenes while not having to live the comfort of a home. So Adding a deck or even improving the current one a home has will be a huge plus, and it guarantees an average return on investment of 85%.

    5. Exterior Retouch

    The exterior of a home is like a house’s clothing that showcases style; so minor retouches or even having new low maintenance siding will return 80% of your investment.

    6. Interior Painting

    The interior is what people are drawn to since it will affect the ambiance of a particular part of the house and the mood of the individual in it. So consider doing a bit of research because certain patterns and colors stimulate specific feelings in people. And doing such, it will promise a 100% Return on Investment.

    7. Roof Repairs

    Roofs are a part of the safety of a house and are a factor of home functionality. No one will be interested in buying old roofs that cause leaks and others. Plus, it guarantees up to 110% ROI.

    Other choices of home improvements can be made to increase home value. It may also be a good decision to make home improvements specifically requested by a sure buyer. Remember that by making these improvements, the goal is to get your home value at least in the average cost in the neighborhood; and that any improvements can be worth it depends on how the execution will go.