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  • Exciting Thanksgiving Traditions To Try When On A Budget!

    November 18, 2016 | Blog
  • Thanksgiving Traditions

    Are you on a tight budget and out of Thanksgiving traditions for a touching Thanksgiving to share with your family or close friends? Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that most families of groups of friends look forward to, a moment when the family or friends come together eat, drink and make merry. While all of you might be having the same idea of Thanksgiving traditions of sticking around in the house after you have eaten to your full there are quite many ways out there to make your Thanksgiving traditions count and worth remembering without having to break your bank.

    First, a good meal will ensure people are lively and motivated to go on with the planned day’s activities. Also, do not forget to add a supermarket bird to your menu. Nothing beats traditional Thanksgiving traditions of eating a bird especially if it is shared with your loved ones. But what do you do before the big feast? Here are some of our top 10 traditions to do without breaking the bank.

    • Work As A Team

    Avoid breaking the Thanksgiving spirit of being together, and there is no need of overloading yourself with a lot of duties that you cannot finance or finish in time. Contribute toward your Thanksgiving traditions as a team. After all, it does not matter who financed the whole thing the main idea is to enjoy whatever is available together. Stuff you own unique ideas and let everyone gets involved in funding it.

    • Visiting Museums

    It may seem a cliché, but as long as there are many kids in the family, then this would be a good Thanksgiving tradition for your t family. Not to mention it is a quite a cheap alternative for Thanksgiving traditions. To make it, even more, better each family member can suggest the museums that you can visit. That way you will have a wide variety to choose from.

    • Homemade Cakes

    While all of you have a knack for a sweet tooth, rather than buying your cakes from the local cake shop why not have a homemade one in the list of your Thanksgiving traditions. Some members of the family can do this. It will be the all more fun to have to bake your cake pies together as a family without having to stretch your wallet. If your culinary skills are not on point, then get hold of a good recipe guide and follow it step by step

    • A Surprise Grand Breakfast

    Break the norm of a hot turkey trot as the only one in the list of Thanksgiving traditions. After all, diversity is good sometimes. The breakfast should cover some of the most cherished breakfast foods by the family. However, you can try out a new thing.

    • A Thanksgiving Tree

    A Thanksgiving tree is another one to add to the list of Thanksgiving traditions. This is a better tradition especially in cases where sentiments are kept personal and vocal expressions are not that easy to come by. The tree should be in such a way that it has enough leaves for the family where each person can write down at least one thankful thought they have. It may be kiddish but it can out to be so much fun.

    • Charity To The Disadvantaged

    While you enjoy all the achievements and good things that have happened in the year, it is time to put some little perspective into the idea of sharing your joy with the disadvantaged, You can donate unused stuff or even visit them. For example spending, a day at a children’s home is a more charitable idea of Thanksgiving traditions.

    • Fortune Cards

    Making fortune card for each member of the family and sending them on a scavenger hunt for the card is one of the best traditions you ought to try out for the family. Even adults can sometimes get a chance to engage in silly games and give them an opportunity to escape the stresses of life.

    • A Thanksgiving Hike In Good Scenery

    For this Thanksgiving Day cook your food and pack it well and let all of you drive to the selected scenery and set out your items. Get to enjoy the food and nature around. You can carry some music with you and get to dance or have some other activities to do.

    • Grab A Movie For All Family Members To Watch

    After the making merry all day rather than going to the movies to watch the movie being screened which is quite expensive. Grab a movie and all family members sit down together and watch it at home.

    • A Family Bonfire

    The night welcomes another day. As family members, you can light up a fire ad make it one of the Thanksgiving traditions, sit around, and welcome the next day as you share your thankful thoughts instead of going to the club parties.