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  • FAQ

    • Will using a mortgage broker cost more money?

      Not at all; we are shopping wholesale, so it is no different from any other retail purchase where your purchased at wholesale so that you could purchase at a fair retail price.

    • Must I have a prequalified before looking at homes?

      Yes, Realtors and Sellers will expect you to be prequalified before making an appointment.

    • What information will I need to be prequalified?

      Your loan officer will arrange for you to securely provide your most recent one month of paystubs, your recent tax returns and w-2’s, and two months of bank statements, as well as your photo ID.

    • Can I purchase a home if I have had a bankruptcy or a foreclosure or short-sale?

      Yes, but the timing and actual circumstances are important.  Call and tell us the details and we’ll help you with a game plan.

    • How quickly can I settle on a new home once I have found the perfect one?

      We ask for thirty days in order to be sure all is in order and will go smoothly.

    • Once I am prequalified, what if I find a home that is more or less expensive than I’d been prequalified for?

      No worries; your loan officer will update your prequalified application along the way so that you know you can afford a property before you make an offer.