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  • 8 Fashionable Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Home

    September 16, 2016 | Blog
  • fall decorating ideas

    When September comes, we know that the warm days of summer are soon coming to an end. The cool-off season of autumn will soon set in to prepare us for the chilly winter in the next few months. It’s only fair if you make your house for a cooler season so that you won’t look out of place by not changing with the seasons. Here are some fall decorating ideas that will give your house some tender loving care before it’s too late.

    Tend the fireplace

    The fireplace is, of course, the cornerstone of family hangouts during colder months, whose significance is often forgotten in summer. Most families gather around the fireplace one or two times a day during autumn and winter. It’s a great idea to redecorate the fireplace furniture and walls because it will soon be the go-to place every evening.

    Schedule your chimney for cleaning to avoid disturbing chimney fires. It is also the ideal time to stock up firewood because you will be using it more often. Other fireplace fall decorating ideas include switching the mantel shelf décor with dried allium, gourds, and goldenrod vases.

    Adjust your lighting

    With autumn comes shorter days and longer nights, which means that your lights need to be on earlier than usual. You should consider setting your lights on a dimming panel so that the day gets dark; you can always adjust the lighting accordingly. Fall is the official start of the entertaining season that continues throughout the holidays, and hence it's helpful to set up your lights for mood lighting.

    Transform your walls to fall shades

    There are two fall decorating ideas to help you make a difference on your walls for the autumn season: new paint job and wall art. An overhaul of colors makes a big difference between a summer and fall moods. If you don’t want the commitment that comes with painting new colors, you can consider placing new wallpapers or artistic features with seasonal hues like golden yellow, chocolate brown or plum. Replace bright colors with shades that set up and indoor entertainment arena.

    Unpack cozy beddings from storage

    The beginning of fall means that the cold nights will soon be setting in. It is not too early to take down cotton sheets, comforters, and knits and give them a good wash ready to be used. If you intend to shop for new beddings, look for thick blankets and duvets rather than light sheets. It’s annoying to roam around at midnight looking for the warm blanket that you kept stored away months ago in storage.

    Fall-theme your home

    One of the most creative fall decorating ideas is theming everything according to the new season. Purchase new fall-themed dining mats, cedar or apple air fresheners and wood décor for your walls. Clean up old bright décor because it’s just not ideal for autumn and winter. If you had a lot of blue, white and red hangings, put them away for now. This is the best time to take out golden souvenirs and display them around your house.

    Pumpkin décor is the way to go

    The reason you always see pumpkin decorations during the fall is that one can never go wrong with it. Whichever way you look at it, white, yellow and brown pumpkins always kill it. Mix some old and new items with pumpkins. A good idea is to gather items for color, texture, and different heights so that it doesn’t look monotonous.

    To become more creative, you can add a surprise color to the scheme, such as an eggplant. A mixture of corridor placements, wall hangings and dining table displays will make a perfect theme for the entire house.

    Go for traditional textures on the floor

    Once everything around your house has the fall theme, do not make the mistake of keeping that bright carpet throughout the autumn and winter seasons. Instead, consider traditional items such as wool, sheepskin fur, cowhide or modern shag rugs that bring in more of an unconventional feel.

    Do not forget outdoor fall decorating ideas

    One of the best ways to make a fall statement outside your house is by placing an arrangement of urns filled with decorative pumpkins, cabbages, and kales, gourds, and mums. There are plenty of outdoor spaces where these can be placed, including doorsteps, window panes, and balconies.