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  • Property Online

    Buying a property is a crucial and one of the biggest decisions we take in our lives. It's advised to be wise and do proper investigation before deciding what to buy. Finding the right deal is not just about finding a cheap deal. You need to think beyond just money. So while this part can be a lot tricky, one thing sure got eased with time. You can hunt down your best property online now. How to do it well? Let's learn.

    Here are the 7 top ways to hunt down the best property online

    1. Online listings to choose your property online

    First things first, find the property that suits you needs. There are some pretty handy options when searching for properties online. You easily get to access property snaps, address, and locality details on various online listings. Your top options are Realtor, Trulia, Zillow, and Redfin. Real estate agents also access these websites. Get in touch with one of them for further discussion.

    2. Research a Property To Know Its History

    Once you have a mini list od likable properties from online listings, a proper background check is a must. Sellers are bound to all disclose all the previous facts about the property, but they might be unaware of some. Hire the Internet for a major portion of this work. All the public data and documentations can be reached online. You also get the work permit details of the property. This is important as post the purchase any work without permits will become your responsibility. Search online for the building records as per the location.

    3. Get Snapshots on Google Street View

    Google Street View gives you proper snapshots of the property at any moment in history or present. This can be a great revelation for you to view the past and present and every change related to the property. The only catch is that sometimes these snapshots might just miss some of the updates. Despite that, it's a great tool to know what all happened to the property over the years.

    4. Traverse Porch.com

    Porch.com is a handy approval hub for all your plans and schemes related to properties. Even this can tell you the story of the happenings for a particular property. You can get permits for anything you plan to do as well. This would help in spotting any work that was done without a permit. Here you get to access work permit history, local stats, and other enhancements that the property underwent.

    5. Check The Local Crime History

    When deciding to buy a property, it's really important to know the crime history of that area. The Internet offers many crime reporting apps that can help you in the cause. These apps can help you spot the history of crimes like thefts, assaults, murders, etc. This way you get an idea about the lifestyle and concerns of the place.

    6. Research More Online

    For more detailed property research online, you can scroll down the patent records of the land. The records of the Bureau of Land Management is available online. It stores some useful data. You can get the exact date of the first sale of the land and the first owner of the land as well. You also can search online for the census data, births and deaths data, marriage data, and insurance maps depicting the changes that the property went through.

    7. Offline Research

    You did a thorough research online? Never depend strictly on online data though. These are some of the legal data and aren’t enough to decide. You need to go for offline research as well. Here you consult your estate agent, neighbors of the property and local shops and surroundings. The motto is to understand and experience the social life of the place. This would be the last but the most important research you would need.

    This strategy on hunting down the best property online. Always make sure you research a property well enough before you decide to own it. It’s better not to cut a deal than getting a bad one.