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  • Insightful Guide On How To Downsize Effortlessly

    July 22, 2016 | Blog
  • how to downsize

    Relocating from one place to another frequently necessitates downsizing, particularly people making the transition from a large house to a much smaller space. It might seem like an easy task getting rid of some of your possessions until you begin the process. Outlined in this article are some tips that guide on how to downsize.

    1. Take An Inventory of your Most Significant Possessions

    First, check out the space you'll be moving into and close your inventory accordingly. This is done by determining what you would replace if all your belongings were in a fire overnight. Ideally, the best approach is to come up with a three-pronged approach. List down the must haves, things to replace and can live without. The things you can do without are those that can be sold off, donated or disposed of entirely. This does not automatically mean that you will rid yourself of them, rather if space becomes a concern they are highly prioritized for disposal.

    2. Sell Off Unnecessary Items

    All items that you do not need should be sold off immediately. You can do this through a yard sale where appliances or heavy furniture items would be sold. Other items can be sold online. Your aim should be to make as much money as possible from the items you are trying to get rid of. With the money you make, you can shop for size appropriate items that will fit well into your new home. Downsizing or decluttering is not an easy task, but selling makes the process more bearable because you will be making money for selling your items. If selling an item becomes difficult, donate it to charity or to a local Goodwill store. The gesture is noble and will make you feel much better.

    3. How To Downsize By Avoiding Duplication

    If you are moving in with a colleague, partner or a friend into a smaller place, it’s important to review your inventories together. Failure to do the sorting out might result in duplication of several items that might eat up space in the house. For instance ending up with two full dish sets, glasses, flatware or larger items such as couches, desks, chairs and many others. Before relocating, sit down and decide on what to keep Even if it’s just you moving into a smaller home the idea that you can duplicate items is terrible. Imagine maintaining beer glasses that can accommodate over 20 guests. This will consume a lot of unnecessary space.

    4. Have Several Storage Options

    When moving to your new home, utilize as much storage space, you can get. Go for Ottomans which open up and are spacious inside, under-the-bed storage boxes or wall-mounted shelves. These are the best places to store your merchandise. When storing stuff, store up not out. Utilizing your walls for shelving and storage will keep things off the floor and avail more space.

    Remember that purchasing storage containers just adds to the problem indirectly as they encourage you to put more stuff into them. Downsizing will only be possible if you consider the whole ordeal as a way of letting go of the past and moving into a new life with a lighter load. If the items you want to retain are highly sentimental, essential or valuable, consider renting out a storage space somewhere else. This should only be a measure of last resort.

    5. Remain Organized and Frugal On The Available Space

    On moving to a much smaller space trim your possessions to only what matters. Prioritize the available room space and prevent cluttering which can happen pretty fast. Make as many compromises you have to. When acquiring new stuff, first consider if they will accommodate your lifestyle.

    6. Accept Assistance

    People who relocate frequently can guide you on how to how to downsize. In most cases, the experience is terrible as there are several items that might have already acquired an emotional connection. Picture it as a situation where you are trying to unload most of the crap you heaped up during your previous life. Find the right motivation to get you through the process and you will never regret it later on.

    A lot of downsizing has taken place throughout the U.S. mostly as a result of crashes in the housing markets. More people are opting to reside in smaller spaces which are strategically situated closer to their areas of work, social amenities or a pleasant neighborhood. Two pointers that any home mover first looks at is the location and the size of the house. The area of contention arrives when it reaches a point when one has to decide on what to toss or keep. Once you get a grip on how to downsize, it becomes much easier down the line.