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  • Let A Financial Planner Aid You In Buying Real Estate

    August 19, 2016 | Blog
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    We all want to be real estate property owners. But before you set out to buy real estate property, you have a lot to ponder when it comes to finances. In fact, you should start financial planning the moment you first think of buying a real estate property.

    You will need to do a lot of planning, budgeting, and saving for your investment. All this should be done with great know-how and care. Can you handle all that? I guess NO. Therefore, you should consult a financial planner. In this post, let’s discuss why you should seek the help of a financial planner when purchasing a real estate property.

    A Financial Planner Can Help You Manage Your Debt

    For you to get good mortgages, you need to have a good credit score. So, what do you do when your credit score is low? Your financial planner will help you come up with a financial plan. Financial planners understand that with good credit, you can get the lowest mortgage rates.

    If your credit score is low, they may help you in making a plan to beef it up. For instance, a financial planner can give you important tips on how to create your budget and pay your loans thereby, managing your debt.

    Can Help You In Budgeting

    After your financial planner helps you to manage your debt, your credit score will rise. Your next task will be to save money that you will pay for a loan down payment on your real estate property. Your main aim should be to reduce expenses; therefore, you should avoid paying private mortgage insurance.

    For you to save that amount, you need your financial planner to aid you in budgeting. With proper budgeting, you will be able to pay down debt and set aside enough cash for covering down payment and closing costs of buying your real estate property.

    After your financial advisor helps you in planning, he or she should recommend you the cost of real estate property you can afford and the amount you should borrow. You should work closely with your planner to help you go beyond the fundamental debt-to-income ratios.

    This can only happen if you set a sensible price range in which you can purchase a real estate property comfortably without draining the funds that you use to undertake other short-term and long-term projects such as paying for your children’s education.

    Do not forget that having new real estate property comes with new expenses. In most of the cases, you need to include things that you did not consider in your previous budget. For instance, lawn care, and pool maintenance. Your financial planner should as well help you readjust your budget while still considering your other financial goals.

    Due to the above reasons, you need to make sure that you make no mistake in budgeting. A financial planner will ensure that you budget wisely and still have funds for other equally important goals.

    A Financial Planner Can Provide You Mortgage Options

    How does it feel to take a mortgage only to have difficulties later repaying it? Or else, takes a mortgage with high-interest rates and you end up paying more than you at first thought?

    Different mortgage types are preferred by different people depending on their financial situations. If your credit score is good and you have money for down payment, then you have plenty of mortgage types to choose from. Your planner can best help you in determining your best fit. This is because he or she can best predict the rise and fall of mortgage and interest rates while taking your financial situation into consideration.

    For instance, though many people choose to go for a standard thirty-year fixed mortgage, those buying a starter home and would wish to trade up prefer adjustable-rate mortgage. It is up to your financial planner to advice you the best mortgage to save money on interest.

    Useful When Making Financial Changes

    When you take a mortgage, your financial needs might change. Whenever such changes occur, it is advisable to consult with your financial planner for you to make the best move.

    The next time you think of buying a real estate property, consult with a financial planner. Remember, it is always good to have a real estate property that fits in your life’s financial context.