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  • How To Make Long-Distance House Hunting Easier

    January 21, 2017 | Blog Housing
  • long-distance house hunting

    Even though long-distance house hunting has its unique challenges; it's not impossible.But with modern technology, it will be easy and cheap to search for a home remotely.

    Tips to consider in long-distance house hunting

    There are many critical factors which should be considered to find a home in a far away place from your area. The following are some of them.

    1: You should make a budget
    House hunting will be a lot easier for you if you make a budget. As a distant house hunter, you should be able to prepare a long away budget, especially for last minute travel. This means you should include all the expenses you are likely to encounter in your budget, for example, the money which you can use in traveling and eating.

    2: Make use of the internet
    Use the internet to find out more about your new environment. In house hunting, you may use this to find out about the malls and schools in your new place you want to buy a house. The internet will also help you find out about the prices of various goods and services. You may also search the best local agent is.

    3: You should know what you like
    When you are a distant-house hunter, you should have a list of features you want. You should know what you want in the house and location.You should be able to explain to your agent exactly what you want in your new house so as to enable your agent to serve you better.

    4: Avoid people who can cheat on you
    In house hunting, you could be easily cheated if you are not careful about your agent. You should tell your agent to include a clause in your contract that you have to see the house first. You can also try to rent first before you buy. Lease a house for a short time say like six months to settle in your routine and to retrieve anxiety.

    5: Look beyond the photos
    In some occasions in long-distance house hunting, agents have loaded virtual tours of their listed homes. A buyer can browse through the home without having to go there in person. Also, sites such as Google map are highly useful to an idea of the home's street view.

    6: Make use of social media
    Social media is always the great way to let everybody know about your long-distance house hunting. The more people within your network who know, the better. There might be someone who knows of a good opportunity for house hunting in the area you are moving to. If you have your relatives living in the new area you are moving to, you should consult them to help you find the house of your choice.

    7: Make a strategic visit
    In long-distance house hunting, it is best to plan a visit to the area you are moving to before proceeding there if it is possible. This will enable the buyer to strive through and explore the different neighborhoods in person. An agent will also be able to create a schedule of showings and tours of the neighborhood in which the buyer is interested in maximizing the time in the area.

    8: Good timing
    Since each area experience a different market phase at a different time depending on external influences that might have an impact, long-distance house hunting should be timely. For example, an area may experience an upward surge in home values due to the opening of a university or a new shopping mall. When searching for a house, buyers should take into account these cycles.

    9: Read up on the new area
    Another great idea for getting impressions of new places to move to is to get reviews of different cities. Even websites that have blogs will be a great way to learn about what cities are like and what places you should try to avoid.

    10: Cost of living differential
    There might be a significant cost of living differences between your current location and your new one. Consult cost of living charts online. When you visit, pick up local store fliers to get to know a more intuitive feel for the current cost of goods and other expenses in your new area. This will help you when you are preparing your budget.