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  • 10 Effective Ways To Cut Your Energy Bills This Summer

    June 25, 2017 | Blog
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    Energy bills can be so expensive during the hottest and coldest times of the year that they can deplete your savings. Everest Home Mortgage has compiled the best ways to cut your energy bills this summer and for years to come. Here is a list of ten ways that you can save on energy and cut down on your energy bill.

    1. Unplug Devices

    Simply turning off your TV, Computer, or other devices that use power won't save on energy. Even when many of these devices are turned off, they're still using energy - energy that will jack up the price of your energy bill. One way to help save that, is by unplugging these devices when you turn them off. If you don't feel like doing that all the time, then buying a Smart Strip will also help. Smart Strips will cut the power automatically when any device plugged into it is shut off.

    2. Use Fans

    Fans attached to the ceiling circulate the air in the room. It gets it flowing, which will help keep the room cooled down. This will help you be able to keep your air conditioner turned off longer, and in turn, save your energy bill! Keeping your windows open on those cool summer days will also provide more air for the overhead fans to stir.

    3. Add Insulation

    During the summer, houses will many times leak cool air. In the winter, it will leak warm air. This happens due to cracks and spaces in between the walls. Filling these empty spaces with insulation will help keep these leaks from happening. Also, if you spray squirting foam into holes in the wall, it might help as well.

    4. Close Doors and Vents

    When you're not using a room, try shutting the doors and the vents to those areas. If you aren't in there, there isn't a reason to be cooling down those rooms, wasting the extra energy needed from the air conditioner in order to cool those rooms. Close off any unused areas of the house. It will help save your energy bills!

    5. Turn Off Lights

    Similar to closing doors and vents when you're not using a room, do the same for lights. By turning off lights when you aren't in a room, you save the lights from using up extra energy, which raises the price of your energy bills. You might also try having candles lit on occasion to save from using lights then. Make it fun and you'll be happier when your energy bill comes in!

    6. Clean The Filter In The Air Conditioner

    Sometimes, the filter can get dirty and clogged. When this happens, your air conditioner tries to compensate and will run differently, using up so much more, unnecessary energy. To save your energy bills, keep your filter cleaned and changed regularly. Their fairly cheap and can be found at Lowe's.

    7. Install A Programmable Thermostat

    By using a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperatures in the house for when leaving your home, so you are not cooling it down while you're not there. This will save you so much money and keep you from having to manually change it constantly. It will keep your air conditioner or heater from unnecessarily running higher or lower when you're gone. This will certainly help save your energy bills!

    8. Install A Window Film

    When you install these window films, they lessen heat gain. This, naturally, will make your house feel cooler in the summer, which will keep you from running the air conditioner so much. There are many stores that sell them, so you can add the window films yourself. As long as you don't like to shut the blinds and close curtains during the summer, this is a really efficient way to save your energy bill.

    9. Use A Draft Blocker

    Based on what type of door you have, your air conditioner could be running when you're windows are cracked open. By using a draft blocker, you're saving your energy bills and keeping your money where it should be - with you. Draft blockers aren't expensive and they're also really easy to make, too!

    10. Planting Trees Next To Your Home?

    This is by far the most surprising way to save your energy bills, but by planting trees and shrubs outside to shade your house more, it also will make your house cooler as well. This helps, especially in the summer heat. When the sun beams down on your house, it can also heat it up.

    So keep cool this summer and use these ten ways to save your energy bills!