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  • Top 10 Questions To Ask When Thinking About Purchasing A Home

    February 25, 2016 | Blog Housing
  • Top 10 Question To Ask

    Buying a home is not easy especially if it is your first time. There are several things you need to know before purchasing a home in any part of the country. Fortunately, this article brings the Top 10 list of questions to ask when thinking about purchasing a home in Philadelphia. These questions will help you in the process of buying your new home!


    1. How many offers have you made?
    You need to find out whether the listing agent appears happy in a suspicious manner. This will only happen when the agent knows that an offer is likely to come at that time. If the agent has received a number of offers on the same property, they are likely to make you bid higher and drive the price upwards.

    2. Has the price been stable?
    It is also wise to determine how stable the price of the property has been over those years. You can use your real estate agent to find out the number of times the price has changed after the property was listed. However, the agent is likely to try and explain to you why the price of the property has changed in the recent past as a way of convincing you to buy. Perhaps the price of the house dropped simply because the seller was forced to move on a very tight timeline. The high flexibility in the price will allow you to make a competitive offer.

    3. Why does the seller want to relocate?
    There are different reasons that can make one relocate from his or her home. Some of the common reasons include security, poor schools, and bad neighbors. Their agent of the seller is likely to hide the truth from you. Hence, you need to do more research to avoid buying the wrong property. Ask this question and be keen on the hesitation of the agent to find out the truth behind everything.

    4. How long has the home been on sale?
    The duration the home will determine whether it is good to make an offer or not. Any home that has been on the market for weeks shows that buyers lack interest for the same reasons and high pricing. This is very useful when it comes to making a choice whether to place your offer or not.

    5. Does the home come with any issues?
    A good seller should inform you whether the home has structural problems or code violations. It is wise to the seller to provide you with a full disclosure of the property. Ensure that you visit the problem areas and take a few pictures of the issues so that you can factor them into account when making your final decision.

    6. When was the property updated for the last time?
    You should ask the agent to inform you when the home was updated for the last time. Some of the areas to look at include new appliances or any fresh coating. Also, it is also important to collect details about the home you want to purchase before making any move.

    7. What is the cost of utilities? (How much more will it cost purchasing a home, Philadelphia?)
    You should know what you are about to get yourself into before making any step. If you are planning to relocate to an apartment, you are likely to get surprised by the impact utility bills you need to include in your daily budget.

    8. What is the timeline of the seller?
    At times, a seller can choose your offer because of proper timing. Perhaps he or she wants to sell the home quickly or even delay the sale so that he or she can complete schooling. Knowing the timeline will help you to work around without going through much hassle.

    9. Where can you dine?
    When looking for a perfect home, consider one located to eating points. If the home is located near a retail shop, there are high chances that you will love it.

    10. Are the neighbors good?
    Is the neighborhood friendly? Good neighbors will make your life pleasant. Take your time to find out how people living around the home relate with each other so that you make an informed decision at the end of the day.