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  • Top 10 Updates Your Home Needs That Pay Off

    November 3, 2017 | Blog Housing
  • updates your home needs

    Updating your home is one of the best but most challenging decisions you can make as a homeowner. Whether you are looking forward to updating your home to increase its value or just for decoration purposes, then your home is worth the service. At first, regardless of the update that your home needs, you will need to have a proper plan and clarify your objectives. This will not only save you money and time, but also it will save you from any aggravations. Below are 10 updates your home needs and why.

    1. Painting

    Painting is the quickest and most proficient way to make an old house look new again and more modern. Painting involves adding a fresh coat of paint on your home to make it look clean, attractive, and brighter. When painting your home, it’s important to pay attention to the color and contrast choices and the various types you can use. They have a big impact on the results that you will achieve. Repaint both the inside and outside parts of your home including the ceiling for best results.

    2. Replacing doors and windows

    Replacing of windows and doors should be done at least after every 10 years. If they are not severely damaged, you may consider re-grazing them which is more cost-effective. Uncovered windows and cracked doors let more dirt, cold, and light into the room. Consider replacing or remodeling the windows and doors to increase warmth in your home, including cabinets’ doors. Also, using a trendy sliding door is a relatively simple update for your room.

    3. Updating the kitchen

    Most individuals consider the kitchen as the heart of the home. It’s actually among the most important rooms in any home because it’s where most people spend more of their time while in the house. The kitchen thus should always be in good condition. Some of the kitchen updates that your home need includes updating the cabinet hardware, replacing old appliances like dishwashers, with energy-efficient models, improving lighting, and installing new countertops among others.

    4. Landscaping

    Landscaping will improve the overall look of your home from the house. A good landscaping will make your compound look clean, fresh, and attractive. Bad landscaping will have a negative impact on your house. You may consider replacing overgrown shrubs with flowering plants with diverse colors and heights to increase and produce a dramatic effect.

    5. Replacing the carpet

    The life expectancy of an average carpet is approximately 10 years. Its durability will depend on some factors like the number of people and pets living in the home. If your carpet is old, worn out or dirty (stained or have bad odors) consider replacing it. A new carpet will give a room a fresh and glorious look. Also, ensure that you clean it regularly.

    6. Update bathroom

    Bathroom updates are the cheapest, fastest and most easy updates to install or upgrade. Same as the kitchen, bathrooms need to be in good condition. Most common updates your home need in bathrooms include installing frameless showers, re-caulking showers, and sinks, adding shaker cabinets, replacing faucets, and installing a low-flush toilet among others. You may also consider replacing the old floor with a new, water-resistant tile. Bathroom updates make the room more fresh and attractive.

    7. Adding decks

    You can update and make your home look better by adding decks. Adding decks on your home will make your outdoor spaces more desirable and precise. The cost though will depend on the material and designs used.

    8. Replace the garbage disposal

    Garbage disposal is used from one day to the other. Due to its regular usage, it’s prone to wear and tear and dirt or scratches from time to time. Consider replacing a garbage disposal after about every 10 years for efficiency.

    9. Appliances replacement and upgrade

    Most home appliances with good maintenance have a lifespan of about 10 years. It’s essential to replace some regularly used home appliances like dryers, washers, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and hot water tanks among others. Most of these appliances, if used for long, are vulnerable to problems like leakages which can cause adverse effects to your family.

    10. General home updates

    General home updates are essential in keeping your home in order. Some of these updates include changing plumbing and lighting fixtures and replacing electrical wiring among others.

    Any material is subject to wear and tear. For your home to be your home to look new and attractive, you need to do regular repairs once in a while. The repairs will often depend on the sizes, types, and the durability of the materials used on any updates your home need.