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  • Top 6 Spring Cleaning Projects for the Weekend

    April 29, 2017 | Blog
  • spring cleaning

    Spring cleaning involves getting our homes ready for the new season. With the spring season there comes a lot of the sunshine and other outdoor activities so keeping your home clean and prepared for the season will only help you reduce your workload. If you are planning on having a spring cleaning checklist, then make sure that you add these activities, if you hadn't already included them.

    Spring cleaning will make your house look clean and more functional. The best part about Spring cleaning is that you could do it all in just a day or two or even on the weekend. Let's look at the top 6 Spring Cleaning Projects for the weekend that you could include on your list:

    1. Get Your Carpets Cleaned

    If you have any stains on your carpet, then get started with cleaning them by pouring some vinegar. Once you have applied vinegar over the stain, then cover it with some baking powder. Let the mixture bubble up and completely absorb the stain. Now clean the stain with a wet cloth and let dry.

    Try doing this wherever there are stains on your carpet, and you will find that this is an effective method to remove all the stubborn stains of food items and oils.

    2. Clean Your Refrigerator

    Over a period, there is going to be a dust built up on the coils of the refrigerator that does the cooling. This reduces the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator, and to fix this problem, one needs to clean the coils.

    Unplug the refrigerator and remove the coils then remove the dust with the help of a brush or you could even use a dry cloth but make sure that you are careful and do not end up damaging the coils. You can even get all your things organized in the refrigerator making it much easier to find the required ingredients when needed.

    3. Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans collect dust over time if you do not clean them. This weekend make sure that you clean the ceiling fans with the help of a dry cloth. It sure looks dirty the dust gets accumulated on the fan so make sure to include this task in your list.

    You can reverse your ceiling fan's direction to counterclockwise so that all the air gets sent down creating a cooling effect. During the winter season, you should keep it in the clockwise direction which would make the rooms warmer.

    4. Clean Windows

    Believe it or not, your windows reflect the degree of cleanliness you have maintained in the house. Do not forget to put it down on the list and clean it this weekend. Clean the windows inside out so that they look good as new.

    During winter it is possible that you have left them unclean and they have accumulated a lot of dirt and dust. Cleaning them out in the spring would not only give you clear windows but also better views.

    5. Clean Dryer Vents

    Cleaning dryer vents should be taken care of and to do that make sure you have unplugged the device and slowly brush off all the dust from the accumulated areas. While you are cleaning the dryer vent, replacing the dryer hose of excessive build up. This will ensure that clothes can be dried faster and it's a fire preventative.

    6. Clean The Furniture Outside

    During the winters all the furniture kept outside go neglected since there is no point in cleaning something which would get messed up after a few hours. So, now is the time that you take some oil soap suitable for wood furniture and clean all the outside furniture.
    You could even take a step ahead by cleaning up your front entrance by washing the front porch and the steps. Further, you can even decorate the entry by adding a few plants to make your home look spring-ready.

    If you are selling your property, clean and well-taken furniture is more eye appealing to potential home buyers. It provides home buyers with the sense of security that the property was taken care of from the previous owner.

    These were the top 6 spring cleaning projects that we suggest you take up for the weekend to get your home ready for the new season. They are quite easy to do and could be completed over a weekend, so do try them out.